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At Agistri, except from the beaches, there are locations and villages worthwhile visiting.

Megalochori (Mylos)
Megalochori is the capital of Agistri and the biggest settlement of the island with 561 inhabitands. Megalochori, also known as "Mylos", is situated to the west of Skala and is the Administrative capital of the island. The community's headquarters are situated in Megalochori.

It has a natural port and a refueling marina for boats. Furthermore, this is the docking area for Flying Dolphins arriving from Piraeus.

Emerald crystal clear waters among natural bays which create sandy areas. Picturesque stone-paved alleys, traditional houses, cafeterias, elderly figures with local garments and the unique wind-mill, present through their existence this land's vivid history.

At Megalochori someone can admire the Church os Zoodochos Pigi, at the center of the village (1885).

Stone made houses, white-washed benches, indian-red roofs, home-made bakeries, tidy yards meet the modern hotel units.

Taverns, restaurants, cafes, snack-bars and clubs are eager to host in the best way all of you who visit our island.

Leaving the village and towards the pine-dwelled woods the visitor meets the small church of Saint Apostolon, an old church which invites the visitor to learn about the island's roots, Kadoudi, meaning the old village, what is left of Agistri's oldest settlement.

Skala is on the island's northeastern coast and has a natural port where ferry-boats arriving from Piraeus or Aegina dock. Skala is a settlement which has a very good tourism infrastructure with sparkling clean hotels, rooms to let and studios. It has 354 inhabitants and is 1 kilometer from Megalochori.

At Skala, with its imposing, white-washed Church of Agioi Anargiroi, there is a large sandy beach, with golden sand and crystal clea, shallow waters. Most people gather at its beach with various amenities and facilities, just 100m. off the port and especially families since the sea is shallow and it is ideal for children.

At the restaurants and fish-taverns you may taste and enjoy a great variety of appetizers and snacks, oven-cooked food, grilled meat, fresh fish and sea-food from the island's fishermen, accompanied with chilled wine.

For your entertainment there are cafes-snack bars and clubs operating at all times, from morning until... the next morning.

Between Skala and Megalochori, to the slope of the mountain, is located Metochi. In Metochi you go either through Skala, either through Megalochori from the coastal road.

Metochi is a beautiful, fresh and picturesque village with panoramic view. Its worth visiting the small Church of Virgin Mary. The view from there is fantastic. Also in Metochi there is a family tavern of Parnassos, full of pine trees.

Limni is a very beautiful location, full of pine trees, which is to the road that leads to Limanaria and Aponissos, and is worth visiting. Limni is close to Aponisos and is being called Lekani. Close to Limni, is located the small Church of Saint Nikolas.

After Polemi, the road leads to Limenaria, a traditional village, the third biggest settlement of Agistri, at the southern of the island, 4.5 klm from Megalochori and with 105 inhabitands.Limenaria are distinguished for their local tradition and their unique cultural elements.

Some of the allure and the beuty the place has to show is the big pine trees, olive trees, stone made houses, the old school, the big Church of Saint Kiriaki and the picturesque small port of Mareza. At the tavern of the village you can taste traditional greek cuizine.

Near Limenaria is the church of Saint Varvara and Saint Nikolas.

From Limenaria, another road leads to the rocky beach of Mareza, with the deep clean and crystal sea, where visitors prefer to moore their boats.

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