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Agistri is the smallest island of the Argosaronic with an area of 14 sq km. It is only 22 nautical miles from the Piraeus and 3,5 nautical miles from Aegina island. The island's lenght is 5,5 klm. and its width is 3,5 klm. The tallest spot of the island is 245 meters and is located at Kontari.

The population of the island is 1.120 inhabitants and during the summer approaches the 5000 inhabitants and visitors.

The capital of the island Megalochori is 2,5 klm. from the Skala and Limenariais 6,5 klm from Megalochori.

The island consists from many small coves with blue waters, where the pine trees reach the sea. Agistri has got a lot of hills, full of pine trees.

In 2011 Agistri is proclaimed "Green island" from prefecture of Pireus and National Tecknical University of Athens.

The island has low hills full of trees, especialy pines and the sea is crystal clear blue. You can find here oregano, thyme, sage and many other plants. Also you can see hares, foxes and a lot of different kinds of birds.

It has an ideal dry climate, not cold in winter and cool in summer

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